FourSix makes brewing pour over coffee easy.

World Champion's method

Invented by Tetsu Kasuya to win the 2016 World Brewer's Cup, the 4:6 method gives you consistency and flexibility to bring out the best in any coffee you use.

3 easy steps

Choose how much coffee you want, a flavor profile, and a brew strength, and FourSix builds a recipe to match.

Preview your pours

FourSix builds a graph of how your total water is divided to show how your choices change the recipe.

Easy to follow Timer

See at a glance how much time has passed, how much water to pour, and get notified when it's time to pour more.


With FourSix Pro, tweak everything from brew dose, coffee:water ratio, and pour intervals to get your perfect cup.

Brew Notes

Save the details of every brew, add your own ratings, and write notes for future reference. Exclusively for FourSix Pro users.